We connect doctors and patients, partners and public health care institutions.

We see ourselves as bridge builders.


Who we are: as bridge builders, we create connections

APONTIS PHARMA – our name was a conscious choice. We build bridges, see ourselves as mediators, supporters and initiators of connections. We connect doctors and patients, partners and public health care institutions. We always have our key objective in clear sight: ensuring the best possible patient health care. For we understand the desires and needs of patients living with chronic disorders and use this knowledge to develop successful and innovative treatment principles. In addition to our range of pharmaceuticals, we support doctors in individually treating patients with unique consultancy service offerings and further training courses. This is the primary task of our committed and qualified pharmaceutical consultants who build bridges to the doctors and support them in their work. Each and every day.

Our daily activities and actions are based on mutual respect, an appreciative and honest way of dealing with each, a practised feedback culture, and personal responsibility. Our unique team spirit guarantees high-quality work processes and outcomes – serving our goal of providing the best possible patient health care.

What we want is to lastingly improve the lives of our patients

Our work is focused on the patient as an individual and human being. We do all we can to lastingly improve the patient’s quality of life. That is the goal to which we are actively committed – with heart and soul as well as with practised competence and boundless enthusiasm. Each and every day. We seek to achieve the best possible results and are not satisfied with less.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • We offer a broad and modern product portfolio particularly for the indications cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and diabetes.
  • We seek to help doctors improve the lives of as many patients as possible, protecting patients as best possible against the serious consequences of their diseases.
  • We make research results available in all their various aspects, whether these come in the form of new treatments or as scientific findings on already established drugs that have been confirmed in current guidelines.
  • We seek new product partnerships – to achieve the greatest possible added value for our patients.

Our goal is to implement successful research so it benefits our patients


What is important to us: practised values, each and every day

Together we are more than the sum of all our parts – teamwork is the key to our success.

We are always firmly focused on our patients as individuals and human beings. Our thoughts and actions are oriented to their concrete needs and requirements.

We go through the world with our eyes wide open, always inquisitive, constantly questioning ourselves and our work, thinking ahead boldly and passionately. Our commitment is to being the best.

This is true of us as a company – and true of each of us as individuals. We base our behaviour solidly on our self-defined values of personal responsibility, backed by our ethical principles and further supported by statutory and regulatory considerations.

Our positive culture of excellence not only offers individuals the best chances of raising their game – it also nurtures the successful development of our products, services, business models, and the entire company.

We are experts who understand the market and the needs of our stakeholders better than many of our peers. Our high level of competence and unique knowledge wins us lasting and trusting relationships – the building material for establishing stable bridges.

We use our connections to maintain an open dialogue and a free-flowing exchange of ideas and, in our role as mediator, we provide all manner of creative stimuli driving innovative solutions forward.

In a world filled with challenges, our approach and actions are strictly solution-oriented with the goal of simplifying and improving the quality of life. This goes for our doctors and patients just as much as it applies to our dealings with each other.

We put our hearts and minds into doing our very best – continuously building new and lasting connections with great enthusiasm and creativity.


I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the welfare of our patients. My work is entirely devoted to doing the utmost to ease the lives of those living with a serious disease as best possible. I am joined in this task by my colleagues and by working in partnership with doctors and their teams.

Doing our job really well means we can help protect a great number of people from experiencing the worst impact on their lives – namely a stroke or heart attack. We do this by offering our drugs and our unique services as pharmaceutical consultants of the present and of the future. 
Karlheinz Gast, CEO

Where we come from: a steady focus on quality and continuity

APONTIS PHARMA – our name is new: our central focus has always been on improving the well-being of patients. In this respect we hold fast to the abilities, competencies, and individual characteristics which have been part and parcel of our DNA for decades. 
Our sales experience in pharmaceutical drugs still known today, such as the first ACE inhibitor captopril (Tensobon), the third proton pump inhibitor pantoprazole (Rifun), the second AT1 blocker (Provas), and the first asthma fixed combination fluticasone/salmeterol (Atmadisc), helped us continuously expand our offering. 

Today our portfolio includes drugs which benefit a great number of patients receiving treatment in primary health care practices. This particularly applies to the single-pill treatment principle in the indication fields of cardiovascular diseases but also to drugs administered in the fields of respiratory diseases and diabetes mellitus. More

Establishment of the Business Unit “UCB Internal Medicine”.


With Dafiro® and DafiroHCT®, by way of in-licensing from Novartis, the product line is expanded into the field of hypertension treatment. With the antidiabetics jalra® and icandra®, the corporation enters the diabetes market.


UCB Internal Medicine is founded and returns to the field of respiratory diseases with Ulunar®


In October, the private equity company Paragon Partners acquires UCB Internal Medicine and continues to run the entity as an independent company, seamlessly taking over its complete team of staff of around 200 employees.


Under our new name APONTIS PHARMA, we have opened up a new chapter in our success story. 


We present ourselves: directors and managers

Here at a glance you can see who is in charge of what at APONTIS PHARMA.

  • Karlheinz GastCEOactive in the industry since 1986 and holding the following company positions since 1997:

    General Manager BU Internal Medicine (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Senior Director BU Internal Medicine (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Sales Director (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)

  • Thomas MilzDirector of Strategic Business Development & Market Accessactive in the industry since 1991 and holding the following company positions from 1991 to 1996 and since 1997:

    Director Market Access (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Director Marketing (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)
    Product Manager & Head of Marketing Vascular (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)

  • Dr. med. Matthias WendlHead of Salesactive in the industry since 2002 and holding the following company positions from 2002 to 2006 and since 2011:

    Head of Sales North Germany (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Associate Director Strategic Projects (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Product & Medical Manager (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)

  • Harald WeyandHead of Marketingactive in the industry since 1989 and holding the following company positions since 1989:

    Associate Director Marketing (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Health Politics & Patient Access (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)
    Head of Marketing Vascular (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)
    Group Product Manager Sanol GmbH (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)
    Market Research (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)

  • Dr. med. Olaf RanderathHead of Medical Affairsactive in the industry since 1998 and holding the following company positions from 1998 to 2009 and since 2011:

    Head of CNS New Products Medical Affairs (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Head of Development Projects Medical Affairs (UCB Pharma GmbH)
    Head of Clinical Development (Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH)
    Associate Medical Director (UCB Pharma GmbH)

  • Dr. Susanne EndreßHead of QA, Drug Safety & Regulatory Affairsactive in the industry since 1995 and holding the following company positions since 1998:

    Head of Drug Safety and Local Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (UCB GmbH) 
    Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance (UCB GmbH / UCB Pharma GmbH)