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We build bridges between successful research and our patients

APONTIS PHARMA – our name was chosen intentionally. We see ourselves as bridge builders, connecting doctors and patients as well as partners and public health care institutions. We see a value-adding interconnection of all public health care stakeholders as a truly future-defining driving force – ensuring comprehensive and constantly improving patient care in the markets in which we are active. Our expert knowledge of chronic disorders, especially in the fields of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), enables us to implement state-of-the-art treatment principles, provide an optimal level of support to doctors treating patients, and establish new product partnerships.

We are ably supported by a strong team that is fully focused on the essentials and does not rest on its success. For we take our responsibilities seriously and love what we do!

APONTIS PHARMA: A New Name Takes Us Into The Future

We continuously seek holistic solutions to improve the well-being of patients – this goal defines us. As a pharmaceutical company, we are known for successfully managing the market launches of new treatment principles across a very diverse range of indications. One of our particular strengths lies in our highly competent pharmaceutical consultants, ensuring our well-established partnership with doctors. In addition to our successful formulas and reaching beyond the products themselves, we support doctors in decisively and sustainably improving patient health care.

Long-Standing  Expertise on the Health Services’ Market 
Our company name, APONTIS PHARMA, marks the fact that we are a new company, yet we can look back on long-standing experience and know-how in the pharmaceutical business. The cornerstone for the new company was laid in the business model of the former Schwarz Pharma sales business in Germany, which was developed further after the sale of the company to the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB in 2006. 

This successful business principle of marketing products via partnerships is one we will also continue to expand in future. We already receive the highest level of recognition in the fields of “respiratory diseases” and “diabetes mellitus”. The “Single Pill” treatment principle is one we have established in most recent years, especially in the indication fields of cardiovascular diseases.

We are always looking to explore new paths. Join us on this journey!



Thomas Milz

Strategic Business Development
& Market Access


Our portfolio includes not only our own products but also strategic partnerships. Our offering includes in-licensing and promoting both in already existing product areas and in new ones. Trusting partnerships of many years’ standing prove that our high quality standards pay off well.