APONTIS PHARMA – our name says it all. We build bridges, we see ourselves as mediators, supporters and donors of connections. We link doctors, patients, partners and health policy institutions. In doing so, we always keep our most important goal in mind: the best possible patient care. Our team understands the wishes and needs of patients with chronic diseases. With this knowledge, we develop successful and innovative combination products that enable as many patients as possible to benefit from the Single Pill therapy concept.

In addition to our range of medicines, we support physicians in the individual treatment of patients with unique consulting services and training courses. This is primarily the responsibility of our dedicated and qualified pharmaceutical consultants, who build bridges to physicians and support them in their work. Day after day.

Mutual respect, respectful and honest dealings with each other, an actively-practised feedback culture and personal responsibility form the basis for our daily actions. Our unique team spirit is the guarantor for high-quality work processes and results - in the sense of the best possible patient care.
Vision, Mission & Offer
To establish Single Pill as the gold standard. For a better life. Together. Every day.
We have been focusing on quality and patient benefit for decades
Introducing ourselves: The Management Board and Supervisory Board at a glance.
Corporate Governance
Good corporate governance determines our actions.