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We have a high aspiration: to save lives. As a Single Pill Company, we wish to achieve a paradigm shift with our innovative corporate performance and a reorientation in the long-term therapy of chronically-ill patients with cardiovascular diseases. By substituting loose combinations with the same active ingredient-containing Single Pill, we strive to increase the efficiency of the long-term therapy for chronically-ill patients, in order to prevent cardiovascular events. Thanks to the reduced number of tablets, the significantly increased patient compliance to therapy holds considerable medical and economic potential for improved patient care. 

To satisfy this demand, we are passionately driving our innovation contribution: the Single Pill therapy concept, the development and market launch of new single pills as a substitute for frequently-combined single substances. We do our best, every day, to fully exploit the potential of the Single Pill. In the process, we wish to anchor the superiority of this concept for improved patient care in the minds of physicians. We are working in a solution-oriented manner to ensure that not only the medical community but also funders recognize this progress. Single Pill is more than merely a convenience solution; Single Pill opens up a new horizon for therapy. The benefits speak for themselves: simplified administration, significantly better therapy compliance, increased treatment success, reduced overall costs, and greater sustainability make for a better life in which we can all participate. Every day. This all leads to a single, overriding goal for us: establishing the Single Pill as the gold standard. This will make the Single Pill the standard of care in the long-term treatment of chronically-ill cardiovascular patients. This way, a better therapeutic outcome can be achieved – in line with the state of medical progress.
To establish Single Pill as the gold standard. For a better life. Together. Every day.
The lives of millions of people depend on it. That's why our vision puts us under an obligation to act in a patient-focused way. We want to accelerate this paradigm shift. In the interest of affected patients, we see it as our task to make Single Pill therapy the new gold standard. We want physicians to abandon previously learned therapy routines in favor of new findings that are derived from evidence-based medicine, and to support them in implementing the current, guideline-based therapy in daily practice. Within this context, we also make use of digital activities. As a Single Pill Company, we place maximum importance on the Single Pill therapy concept. We are putting all our efforts into making Single Pill therapy a reality as standard care. Simple, in many ways, better. 
APONTIS PHARMA is the leading provider of single pill combinations in the cardiovascular field in the German healthcare market. By using single pill combinations, doctors can sustainably improve the prognosis of their patients with chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease. Since 2023, the National Health Care Guidelines have therefore given preference to single pill combinations over loose combinations of individual active ingredients.

At APONTIS PHARMA, we have made it our task to make guideline-compliant treatment with Single Pills available to as many patients as possible. We do this by providing targeted advice to treating physicians and a portfolio that covers all important loose combinations of active ingredients in a Single Pill. A Single Pill is a combination of two to three off-patent active ingredients with different dosages that is taken once a day.
Bruno Wohlschlegel
Chairman of the board