We focus on strategic partnerships. For the benefit of our patients.

We market innovative medical drugs.

Our Sales know-how – ensuring continuity

APONTIS PHARMA’s sales and distribution is at the core of all our activities. Our long-standing partnerships with doctors and our policy of continuously training new colleagues enables these cooperations to occur on level terms. This creates sustainable and improved access to doctors and patients.

Our Marketing know-how – to the point and customer-centric

In the highly regulated environment of the German pharmaceutical market, APONTIS PHARMA has repeatedly proven that we can find the suitable means and appropriate ways of not only informing, but understandably informing, doctors and patients in a targeted manner. This is how we enable them to handle our medicinal products effectively and safely.

Our market access know-how – long-standing expertise and stability

The marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals are currently undergoing far-reaching changes:  Health insurance contracts and health insurance tenders are becoming ever more important and the influence of decision-makers in the health care system is steadily increasing. Our goal is to ensure patients have free access to the treatment possibilities we have developed and brought to market.


We help people living with chronic diseases with innovative medical drugs.

Current indications The current indications on which APONTIS PHARMA is focused are respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases.

current indications

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD is a chronic respiratory disease that leads to an increasing constriction of...

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases rank even before cancer in Germany as the main cause of death... More

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus, colloquially also referred to as sugar disease, is the most frequently occurring... More

Together we seek holistic solutions for the benefit of our patients – beyond the pill.


We offer much more: APONTIS PHARMA thinks “beyond the pill”

Pharmaceutical consultants look to act as partners to doctors

 Our sales force is made up of pharmaceutical consultants of the present and of the future, thereby being partners to doctors. Apart from supplying knowledgeable information on our drugs, our consultants support doctors in lastingly improving patient health care in their everyday practice lives. For our colleagues exactly know the diverse and varied needs of 
doctors and patients from their daily experience of visiting medical practices. This knowledge from practical experience enables us to not only support doctors and their practice teams with useful and practicable treatment concepts but also with solutions for individual patient care.

Your direct contact to us

Thomas Milz

Strategic Business Development & Market Access


Our long-standing experience and our success have made APONTIS PHARMA a reliable and reputable cooperation partner. Are you interested in knowing more about our expertise?