Susanne Böhm

Head of HR

Doing all we can to improve patients’ lives. Doing this together with you.
Each and every day.

We are looking for people of character.

For better readability, we have dispensed with the simultaneous use of male and female designations and other diverse linguistic forms. All personal designations apply to all genders.


What we are looking for: employees who have something special about them

A company is only ever as good as its employees. Hence we at APONTIS PHARMA are looking for colleagues who are passionately committed to improving the health and quality of patients lives a little bit more each and every day. We see ourselves as a builder of bridges between successful research and our customers.
To guarantee this as best possible, we are continuously looking for passionately committed employees who are ready and willing to explore new paths together with us. Do you want to help shape the future with us and lastingly improve other people’s lives? Then find out about how you can achieve your goals at APONTIS PHARMA.

What speaks in our favour: five reasons to choose APONTIS PHARMA

  • We are looking for colleagues who have something special about them. Visionaries who are prepared to think big and yet keep a constant eye on what is essential. Are you a strong personality with a high degree of personal integrity and special character traits? It is exactly such characteristics that define us and our employees.

    Are you passionate about something? What is it? We are curious to find out. Do your passions and preferences round off your personality and set you apart? Then you will feel right at home here at APONTIS PHARMA. We will give you the opportunity to develop further and show your commitment.

  • Consultancy from afar? That’s nothing for us. With around 160 sales force employees working in the field of primary health care and cooperating with select medical specialists, we are close up and personal with everyday practice life – and come directly into contact with the doctors.

    We are always active at local level throughout the whole of Germany. We understand the concerns, desires, and questions of the doctors and patients and know their problems and daily challenges. How do we achieve that? We are good listeners and observers. We give our undivided attention and respect to our conversation partners. For they are the ones who help us build bridges to the patients.
    Bring in your abilities and ideas and we will give you a working environment in which you can give these full expression.

  • Special personalities develop best in an extraordinary environment. The extensive opportunities we offer our partners – doctors and patients – reflects the variance and expertise of APONTIS PHARMA. Notwithstanding our broad  range of products, consisting of drugs against respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases, our diverse range of strategies and measures and extensive additional services help improve the health care of patients living with chronic diseases.

    No day is the same with us – neither for our sales force employees and their numerous contacts nor for our office staff.

  • Our employees are not workers in the conventional sense but rather true characters who shine through by virtue of their winning personality and uniqueness. Our variously and diversely talented employees are out working for us across the whole of Germany. They are all set apart by having an extremely diverse range of talents, perspectives, and interests. Regardless of whether they work in our office team or in our sales force, we enable our employees to learn something new each and every day. We show them other points of view, empower their talents, and open up new opportunities for them.

  • Our employees give their creativity lots of room – but they never lose touch with reality and always keep their feet on the ground. For good ideas also have to be practicable and simultaneously ease the daily lives of our patients.

APONTIS PHARMA: Join us in improving patients’ lives. Together. Each and every day!

Valérie Fournier | Market Access Manager

“I love working at APONTIS PHARMA because we only ever have a great working atmosphere going. I truly enjoy working for a company that sells products conducive to the treatment of patients and so contributes to improving the quality of their lives.”

Valérie Fournier has been with the company since 1 August 2007. She began her career by training as an industrial business manager and then stayed on in the company as Convention Event Manager. After receiving further training to become a pharmaceutical rep, she worked in our sales force team before returning to an office staff position as Market Access Manager. 

Julia Marschewski | HR Officer

“Due to the friendly working atmosphere and the specialist know-how, I take very great pleasure in working for APONTIS PHARMA! Altogether I have been very well integrated here.”

Julia Marschewski has been with the company since 10 December 2018. She supports our APONTIS PHARMA team as an HR officer.


Does a career at APONTIS PHARMA sound exciting to you? We look forward to meeting you! Join us in building bridges between successful research and patients.


Open positions: sales force

Please note that sales force vacancies are exclusively published by our long-standing partners. A job application for the advertised post is only possible via these partners. Please understand that any incoming direct applications can unfortunately not be taken into account.


Open positions: office staff

Currently we have no vacancies in our office staff team. Nevertheless we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application and appreciate your interest in joining APONTIS PHARMA. In submitting your job application papers, you declare your consent to our using your personal data.



Susanne Böhm

Head of HR

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